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Why work with the Edward Daniels Group?

    Edward Daniels Group Promise:
  • 48 hour guarantee: A real person will respond to all applications within 48 hours.

  • 1 week guarantee: Once we submit your resume to a company we will follow up with the company if we do not get a response within 1 week. We will provide you with updates and follow up with hiring managers until we get a response for you.

  • Interview Preparation: Besides resume review and feedback, we coach candidates through every stage of the process.

  • Approval for all submissions: We will not submit your resume to any company without your approval and full company disclosure.

  • We are not a resume-forwarding service: Before submitting you for a position we ensure the role is a great match for your career goals.

  • Professional: We guarantee none of our recruiters previously worked at Lenny’s Lot of Lemon Cars. In fact, our typical recruiter has 10+ years of professional IT or Financial work experience with a Masters degree.

  • Relevant jobs: Our deep industry knowledge allows us to send relevant jobs to candidates. We hand pick select candidates and you will never get a shotgun mass email communication with irrelevant jobs.

  • Pressure: Our commitment is finding the best match for companies and the candidates; we believe jobs fit like your favorite pair of shoes, and if the shoe doesn’t fit we will find you a different pair of shoes.

  • Satisfaction: Because we all used to work in similar IT and Finance jobs in the past and had good recruiters and bad recruiters before. We promise to be the “good” recruiter and give you 100% satisfaction.

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